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About DNA Filters…
DNA® FILTERS LTD was founded in 2002 by Dino Nikolaidis, CEO and Maria Ralli, CFO, two people with a long and successful history in the motorcycle field. A history that started back in 1985 when the young technician Dino Nikolaidis, transformed his passion for motorcycles into profession, by establishing the well-known in Greece, TecnoMoto Racing.

The valuable, national and international experience gained from the following years, 1985 to 2002, through thousands of tuning hours and testing all kinds of performance products, served as a catalyst in order to mature Dino’s ambitious idea: to create the first and only Greek industrial company for manufacturing performance products for motorcycles and cars, and more specifically High Performance Air Filters and intake systems.

An important incentive for the implementation of this decision was the inability of the dominant company in the air filter segment to develop technologically and revolutionary designed products, that will fulfill the latest and more sophisticated motorcycle & automotive demands for high performance, better efficiency & drivability, longer servicing intervals and fuel economy. So the target was well fixed: DNA® had to be responsible for designing and manufacturing the most advanced product on its field: to be the new standard, the best air filter money can buy!

In January 2003, the plant began its first steps through a tough period of adjustments and research to equip with the best machinery, raw materials, auxiliary materials, technical solutions and of course the most important of all, a team completely composed by Greek employees.

In August 2003, within an area of 500 square meters, fully equipped, production began with the first DNA® air filter intended for the very popular motorcycle model in Greece, the Yamaha TDM 900.

Today, after almost a decade, the world’s acclaimed DNA®, has a strong presence in over 42 countries worldwide, with a product range in excess of 500 unique codes. With its own 1.3002 meter proprietary plant, designed from the outset as an exclusive plant of High Performance Air Filters production, is flanked by a team of experienced, technologically skilled and dedicated employees, that all continue to work successfully under the guidance of the DNA® founder Dino Nikolaidis, with only one goal in mind:

“to offer innovative technology solutions, advanced product design and up-to-date products with the highest quality, aesthetics and performance”

“To transform air into power!”

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