Bikewise Motorcycle Parts & Accessories is the official distributor for ZEUS Helmet in South Africa. To view the full range of ZEUS Helmets visit their Global website. You will find a link to this below.

*Please note that not all items shown on the global website are distributed in SA, items are subject to availability. Please consult your nearest dealer if you have an enquiry on a specific product.

About Zeus Helmet…
Gao Jin Industrial Company was established in 1988 in response to a growing need for motorcycle helmets in Taiwan. Soon after, it became almost second nature for the company to begin producing helmets for motorcycle riders all over the world. The company’s size and ability has grown to a point where it possesses the necessary expertise needed to compete in a global market.

Two specific environments made this possible. Firstly, Taiwan is located in the subtropical zone; secondly, motorcycles are the most common form of land transportation in Taiwan. There was a growing awareness for safety among motorcycle riders in Taiwan as the number of vehicles on the road increased.

Since it is not easy for motorcycle riders to wear helmets in such hot and humid weather, the company was formed to produce cool and comfortable helmets, this is a feature Gao Jin Industrial Company offers to riders all over the world.

The company has come far since 1988. The factory is a complete facility that is able to produce goods from start to finish, with capabilities that all most produce all in comparison to other helmet manufacturers in the region.

The facility includes its very own molding, painting, and EPS factory. These factors enable shorter lead times and lower costs.

Gao Jin Industrial Company, are dedicated in the pursuit of designing, manufacturing and exporting a full range of motorcycle helmets. We offer motorcycle helmets of exceptional quality at reasonable prices and advanced features that were once only available on higher priced models.

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